Thanksgiving Wreath

I love to make my own wreath and floral arrangements for the holidays. Have you also noticed that lush and asymmetrical wreaths are trending? Another trend I also noticed is the use of succulents in wreaths and bouquets. Inspired by the many pictures on pinterest and blogs I created a small wreath with eucalyptus, dahlias, a succulent and berries.Thanksgiving wreath by 30s Magazine

I first covered the mold with moss and tightened it with wire. I then used rope to tighten the eucalyptus branch by branch on top of one another like roof top tiling. I used pins to attach the succulent and blooms. Two cinnamon sticks are the finishing touch. Keep the wreath out of the sun so it will last longer. Mine is still gorgeous after 3 days in the Dutch cool temperatures. To keep it even longer you can also store it in the fridge over night.

IMG_3557 IMG_3564 IMG_3566

Tom Dixon Scent Diffuser

I found the ultimate Christmas gift and decided that Christmas should come early this year. I treated myself to a Tom Dixon Orientalist Scent Diffuser. I know, it’s a very generous gift to give myself, but if no one else does… Tom Dixon designed the diffuser to be functional and decorative. The solid brass and glass design is sleek and holds six black rattan reeds. As we are accustomed from Tom Dixon, the design comes in gold, copper and silver. I have the orientalist which subtly releases a mixed scent of rose petals, cinnamon sticks, and musk, reminiscent of Indian weddings and Chinese herbal markets. My home is filled with the fragrance and looks fab on my Safavieh marble side table.

Shop more of Tom Dixon on the website, Selfridges in the UK, Neiman Marcus in the US, or in the Netherlands at de Bijenkorf Amsterdam.

Tom Dixon Orientalist diffuserTom Dixon scent diffuser


DIY Advent Calendar

It’s hard to believe that in only 5 weeks it’s Christmas. The countdown to the holidays is such a festive period. Right after Thanksgiving I hurry to buy a tree and start decorating. An Advent calendar is also part of the anticipation. This year I started to craft mine early. I was inspired by the many decorating trends like copper, black, and candle holders in the shape of houses. I decided to make small boxes like little houses that hold small gifts. (scroll down for directions and the template)Advent calendar DIYDIY Advent CalendarAdvent kalender

You’ll need

  • black and white (firm) craft paper
  • copper wrapping paper (Ikea)
  • glue, scissors, pencil and ruler
  • number stickers

IMG_3531edmake your own advent calendar

Dress your Table for Thanksgiving

I love the colour palette that is currently trending in interior design and Christmas decorations: pale pink, rusty brown, and warm burgundy combined with copper and gold. The funny thing is that these colours were also hip in 2002 when I bought my home. Consequently, I have a whole stock of burgundy and rusty brown accessories and ornaments I can dig up from my basement. The typically fall colours are perfect for a Thanksgiving table setting. Burgundy also pairs well with mustard yellow and green. It’s such a warm and chic hue. Add in the feathers trend and you have a sophisticated tablescape to host a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.

See all other Thanksgiving table settings here.

IMG_3482 IMG_3483 IMG_3488 IMG_3489 IMG_3491 IMG_3499

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Countdown to Thanksgiving has started! Are you still in doubt how to dress your table next week? Then just keep following my blog because this week I’m sharing more Thanksgiving inspiration, starting with another Thanksgiving tablescape. Whoever said autumn is about dark and moody colours, might want to think that over again, because with today’s tablescape you create a fresh, airy, autum-like decor that looks effortlessly chic. Just use soft and vivid orange and caramel colours combined with white. Natural elements like feathered napkin rings and pieces of wood add a rustic touch.

Also, check out all of my previous Thanksgiving table settings and recipes for more inspiration here.

Thanksgiving tablesetting - 30s MagazineThanksgiving table placesetting - 30s MagazineIMG_3461Thanksgiving tablescape - 30s magazinethanksgiving flowers - 30s MagazineIMG_3477IMG_3475IMG_3472IMG_3473IMG_3458IMG_3468IMG_3479


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