Weekend Tip: The Dutch blossom trails

A long weekend lays ahead of us. Some of us go on holiday while others opt for day trips. Traditionally I go on a day trip with one of my best friends. We always choose something that involves nature, to enjoy Dutch glory. In april the Netherlands is in its full galore with blossoming trees and far reaching tulip fields in bloom. It’s a great weekend to be outdoors! The Netherlands has many fruit orchards and beautiful blossom hiking trails. If you prefer cycling you can rent a bike in one of the villages and proceed from there into the blooming and fragrant countryside. Like to know more? Visit Bloesem.info for trails, bike renting and more. Happy easter weekend!


photographer: Ronald Kleijn

blossomtour1 blossomtour2 blossomtour3 blossomtour4 blossomtour5blossomtour8 blossomtour6

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5 Spring wreaths for Easter

Wouldn’t it be nice to welcome your guests this Easter weekend at the door with a beautiful spring wreath? I love to make my own wreaths with fresh flowers and greens. It’s a calming craft project and you get to enjoy the end result each day you come home for at least a few days when nurtured and kept out of the sun. At night I put my wreath in the fridge to conserve it. How to make them? Have a look here (floral) or here (succulent wreath). Which one do you like best?

spring wreathsuccuent wreathspring wreath 2 spring wreath 3 spring wreath 4


photo sources 1 2 3 4 5

Trend: Matte Black Interiors

Would you paint your walls black? While black interiors were once considered gloomy or gothic, it’s now glamorous and sexy. The masses have caught on to the signature look of interior designer Abigail Ahern who is the exemplary in painting walls and ceilings black. When applied correctly instead of being dark, it’ll be dramatic, giving depth and dimension to a room. To balance out the harshness use contrasting accessories and furniture. Also take into account the light because depending on the space and windows, a black wall can have a different undertone like e.g. blue. Black walls are not restricted to a certain style, from modern, to bohemian chic or eclectic it is the hottest trend.

black kitchen wall

black wall 1 black wall 2 black wall 3 black wall 4 black wall 5 black wall 6 black wall 7

photo source: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


6 Easter Brunch Recipes – revisited

Easter brunch is only a week away. This year I’m not hosting the brunch so I haven’t been experimenting with recipes or trying out new things. Nonetheless, I have a range of scrumptious recipes up my sleeve in case I do have to contribute something. Browsing my archives I came up with a top 6 of my favourites. What are you making this Easter brunch?

Mini pesto soufflesGet the recipe


2. Spring salad with king prawns, grapefruit and asparagusGet the recipe

summer salad with king prawn

3. Croque Madamme MuffinsGet the recipe

croque madamme muffin

4. One-person Tomato Tarts au gratinGet the recipe

tomato tarts

5. Raspberry, lime and cocounut milk cream pots – Get the recipe



6. Japanese Cherry Blossom CheesecakeGet the recipe

cherry blossom cheesecake


Life’s Little Luxury: Blossom Branches at Home

Life is full of simple and small luxuries, and all you have to do is be conscious about your surroundings. Like earlier this week. I was working on my laptop at the dinner table, finishing up my work day, I looked up and I saw the last sun beams of the day touching my blossom branches. It was so lovely so I instantly grabbed my camera to capture the short moment. Five minutes later, the sun was gone. My blossom branches are still here and I enjoy them every day. Another small treat to savour spring inside the home. Have a nice weekend!

IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0460 IMG_0464

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