Barefoot Bliss at the San Giorgio Mykonos Hotel – part 1

When you drive up towards the San Giorgio Hotel on the Greek island Mykonos, and enter the gate, it doesn’t feel like you are arriving at a hotel. Instead, it feels like you are arriving at a friend’s villa. The bright white blocks are surrounded by rustic stone walls that blend in with the typical Greek surroundings. In front of the property a few sheep are grazing in the field. As you enter the reception area you are welcomed by a gorgeous looking Greek lady who helps us with the familiar Greek friendliness and hospitality I already got used to in Athens.  Amidst the space there are 3 suspending egg chairs dangling above a coco rug to accommodate guests who have to wait.

San Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineIMG_1513reception

Adjacent to the reception area you are drawn into the living room where you can read a book, gather with friends or make use of the computer. The interior design is simplistic, ethnic, and bohemian chic with little touches of colour but mostly with neutral tones and a laidback atmosphere. While I was staying at the hotel, I was fortunate enough to meet and pick the brain of the interior designer of the San Giorgio Mykonos: Annabell Kutucu.

Annabell and her business partner Michael Schickinger, redesigned what was once a dilapidated site. The desired outcome? A place that felt like coming home away from home. Annabell explains: “When I talked the concept through with the owners we agreed that it had to be a hotel like no other hotel. We envisioned a carefree, laissez faire atmosphere where friends retreat and meet like-minded from across the globe. It had to be a place where guests feel they can walk around barefoot with only a towel or tunic and feel comfortable”.

Sharing was also a word that led to the final design of the hotel, which you can see translated in the many communal tables in the living room and outdoor restaurant. The design was to be ethnic chic but without any overtly or explicit cultural dominance or loud colours.  It had to resonate with all international guests no matter where they are from. Therefore we chose neutral tones, natural and rough materials, and furniture from across the globe, so each guest recognizes something and feels right at home”, says Annabell.

San Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineSan Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineSan Giorgio Mykonos by 30s Magazine

The furniture and accessories are a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces Annabell personally handpicked and collected from flea markets, travels to Bali and Spain and her own collection. The wooden shutters behind the reception desk for instance, are old shutters from houses in Athens. Annabell: “The hotel design is a homage to Bohemian carefree living. It is kept simple, blissful and with neutrals because we envision the guests to bring in the colour.”

Throughout the hotel you will recognize Annabell’s signature style: a combination of old and new design pieces, worldly treasures, and objects with a heritage and a story. The communal tables are lived in with blemishes, the rug is real artisan work, and the wooden stools are mismatched in size.

San Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineSan Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineSan Giorgio Mykonos by 30s Magazine

San Giorgio Mykonos by 30s Magazine


The hotel counts 33 rooms including 2 suites. Annabell designed them in two different styles: a modern style with more grey hues, and the Greek inspired rooms with concrete walls.  The room interior is a collection of Arcadian treasures and organic materials, all carefully handpicked. All rooms have a balcony or terrace with seats or hammock and a view on the Aegean sea. To create a community, all guests are offered a straw hat, beach bag and hammam towels in the room for use during their stay.

What makes an interior design effortlessly perfect, like this hotel, I asked Annabell to wrap up the interview. Annabell: ” Try to use large items as focal points and play the rest down. Less is more. Also, use one statement colour to create coherence and rest. I would advise everyone to go to flea markets to find affordable and lived in pieces. And last but not least, buy objects with a heritage to make your interior interesting and to tell a story”.

San Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineIMG_1012

San Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineSan Giorgio Mykonos by 30s Magazine IMG_1001 San Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineSan Giorgio Mykonos by 30s MagazineFor more information and bookings, visit the San Giorgio Mykonos Hotel website here. Stay tuned for another post where I will take you around the property and to the pool area!

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I want to get lost in Mykonos town

White washed houses with brightly coloured wooden doors, balconies and stairs fences. Narrow slithering streets, steep stairs, and quaint alleys overgrown with bougainville and boasting with large succulents. Mykonos town, or Chora as it’s called by the locals, is truly the most mesmerizing and magical city I have ever been to. It is a labyrinth of picturesque narrow streets you would like to get lost in over and over again. Around every corner, and peeping through each tiny courtyard you discover another beautiful sight.

Mykonos - 30s Magazineblue white mykonos

Chora is the capital of the Greek island Mykonos and a typical Cycladic village. In some streets you will see how the locals live in bright blocked houses with small chapels, which is typical, since a lot of Greek families have their own family chapel adjacent to their home. Colourful shutters keep the sun out, while laundry hangs drying in the sun.

mykonos window shutter mykonos village mykonos church IMG_1449

photo (11) IMG_1393 mykonos mykonos colours alley in mykonosmykonos quaint housemykonos plants

On some corners street vendours sell fresh fruit, produce and flowers from the trunk of their van. This is in sheer contrast to a few streets further where cute, tiny shops lure in the tourists with beautiful and colourful summer wear and souvenirs. Especially in the evening the streets are bustling and fun to shop. If you would like to photograph the city, it’s better to go early in the morning, like I did, to capture the authenticity and local atmosphere at its best. In early morning streets are desolate and the only local you are bound to run into is Petros the Pelican who is roaming the alleys for audience to awe and snap photos of him.

mykonos streetlifezucchini in mykonos mykonos street vendour IMG_1424mykonos restaurant mykonos pelican




3 Signature Summer Cocktails with a Zesty Edge

The best way to refresh during these sultry summer nights is by sipping on coolers and cocktails. While in Greece, I was introduced to 3 crowd-pleasing cocktails at the San Giorgio Hotel: the Mulatto with white rum, cacao liquer and fresh lime juice. The Holy Rose, with white and dark rum, triple sex and fresh lime juice, and the Rosemary Mojito with rum, rosemary syrup and fresh lime juice. Served in small vintage milk bottles or a mason jar, the signature cocktails make an extra strong statement and will have your guests talk long after your barbecue party. The herbal infused mixtures are fresh, zesty and sweet. Embellish them with fragrant flowers, a lime peel, or a simple twig of herbs.  I tried to copy the cocktails by using recipes I found online. Close enough for me! (Scroll down for the recipes)

rosemary mojitoMulata cocktailThe Holy Rose cocktail


Rosemary Mojito

  • 60 ml of light rum (white rum like Bacardi or Havana Club)
  • juice of ½ a lime
  • 3 tablespoons of Aromatic Rosemary Flavored Syrup
  • 60 ml club soda
  • 5 leaves of rosemary (optional) and 1 sprig for decoration

This recipe was adapted from Heaven on Hearth


Holy Rose

  • 45 ml light rum
  • 45 ml dark rum
  • 45 ml Triple sec
  • a dash of Rose’s Lime juice or a lime syrup
  • 1/2 juice of fresh lime
  • mint for decoration


  • 30 ml Sambuca Di Amore Liqueur
  • 30 ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
  • 30 ml white rum
  • 1/2 juice of fresh lime

For more cocktail recipes, see my blog post A Summer Cocktail with Roses and Raspberries



Hi everyone, I’m finally back, and this time for real. After my holiday to Greece I had personal circumstances and health issues that kept me from blogging.  But as of today I’m ready to continue where I left off.

I would like to thank you all for your patience, and especially those who sent me heartfelt wishes to let me know you would still be here when I got better. My blog has given me so many international friends and loyal followers. It was comforting to know that I could take the time to get well and would still have my blog community there to support me when I would get back on my feet. I really missed my international blogger friends, the twitter conversations, and face-to-face meetings. I had to cancel my trip to London to meet up with some of my best blogger friends. But they were very understanding and sent me such lovely e-mails! That’s what I love about bloggers, they are always online and supporting each other from afar. You always feel connected. Let’s hope I will not have to cease blogging entirely again.

At times, I might not be able to blog daily anymore, but fortunately I have an extensive library of stories, photos and inspiration that I haven’t shared with you yet. For instance, my fab holidays! And since it’s mid summer, what better time to share my travel tips and favourite hot spots around the globe? So coming weeks you are in for a lot of travel posts alternated with occasional recipes, trend reports and interior home tours. Wishing you a perfect summer!


A Personal Note

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’m sorry to have kept you in the dark for so long, but I just couldn’t blog the past weeks. I had a few personal setbacks that kept me from doing what I love. Please bear with me and thank you for your patience.




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