Hotel to Heart: the NEW Hotel in Athens

If you are looking for a perfectly located hotel in Athens, the NEW hotel is the right choice. It is literally in the heart of the old center where quaint streets and charming restaurants draw you out of your hotel room. Around the corner are all the ancient sites, and from the hotel’s roof terrace and your balcony you can see the Acropolis. The NEW hotel is also a great choice because of its unusual and very interesting interior design. The decor is designed by the Brazilian brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana, and has an historic as well as modern feel. The hotel is a living piece of art where guests get to interact instead of look at art. There are e.g. modern art installations throughout the hotel, re-new-ed furniture, and modern architecture created with old pieces.


The top floor is an excellent place to have drinks, enjoy the sun and escape the bustling streets.NEW hotel terraceIMG_0747IMG_0740

Hotel owner and art collector Dakis Joannou, bought the outdated Olympic Palace  a few years ago and had the vision to restructure the modernist building into something that would honour the former place. He hired the Campana brothers because they are renowned for creating art from reclaimed materials. The result is a hotel that has chairs and doors salvaged from the old property as wall coverings and art work. In the restaurant you will see tree-like pillars of cast off wood. Some of the old chair were left as they were, while others were transformed into new ones, looking like art-hybrids.


In the bedroom a sleek jagged mirror and futuristic sharp-edged washbasin draw immediate attention. The wall is covered with evil eyes. Another focal point is a tall chair made of recycled wood by local art students.IMG_0713IMG_0719IMG_0723edIMG_0728IMG_0718NEW hotel bathroom

The hotel has 79 rooms and I experienced it as a quiet hotel with friendly staff and excellent food. For reservations and more info visit their website.

Trend: Tiles

The hottest trend this year is hands down beautifully tiled floors. Portuguese tiles and antique ceramic tiles in striking patterns and vivid colours give a space pizazz, while the more subdued tiles in shades of grey add sophistication and depth to your room. And then again you can also opt for patchwork flooring to get the bohemian flair, or a symmetrical placement that will create an optical illusion of your space being larger. I’ve seen spaces where people chose not to tile the entire hallway for example, but just a few rows which created the illusion of a runner or carpet.

At they have a wide variety of patterns and colours to choose from. I can literally spend hours browsing the different tiles. Because the tiles are real artisan work, they are always unique and therefore add extra charm to your interior. Whether it be a modern, country, or ethnic interior, your hallway, bathroom or kitchen, floor tiles are always chic and pair well with any decor style.

tiles at San Giorgio MykonosAt the San Giorgio Hotel on the Greek island Mykonos, where I stayed earlier this year, the bed and bathroom have these gorgeous grey and white Portuguese tiles. Paired with minimalist design furniture and rustic wood pieces it fits in well in a coastal interior.portugese tiled floorIn March I photographed the interior of Aletta and her family who had a black and white home. They had Portuguese flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. black and white tiles

tiles in the kitchenOn Pinterest I found a lot of gorgeous examples of tiled floors.Portugese Tiles

photo credits: 1. Cococozy | 2. Wichmann + Bendtsen via dwell | 3. 139 Hudson street | 4. Agnetha Home | 5. el Ramla Hamra| 6. Stadshem

Below is another home I photographed earlier this year, of Dutch author and journalist Sanne Bloemink. I love how she used the tiles as an inspiration source for the colour scheme of the bathroom.

tiles in the bathroomTiles with vibrant colours make a room lively and cozy.
Portugese floor tiles

Naturally, Portugese and antique tiles are also beautiful as wall covering in your kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Again you can choose to cover the whole wall or just add a border.

tiles in kitchen and bathroomphoto credits: 1.unknown  2.Megan Plohwman |3. unknown |4.unknown | 5.Sean Fennessy| 6. Apartment Therapy

Are you floored by all these amazing interiors and tiles? Have a look at for more, follow @tileaddiction on instagram, or click here for my ‘Tiles’ pinterest board.


Surinamese guilty pleasure: Orgeat macarons

My latest guilty pleasure and addiction are the freshly, home-made orgeat macarons from Lovelies. Orgeat is a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar and rose water or orange flower water. In my parents’ country Surinam, the white syrup is called orgeade/orchade and used to make lemonade or desserts. I only recently found out that the sweet syrup is popular in many other cultures as well: In Tunisia, it is called “rozata” and is usually served chilled in wedding and engagement parties as a symbol of joy and purity because of its white colour, and in Greece they call it soumádha. In Italy and Malta they have similar drinks like orzata and ruġġataorgeade macarons

Nevertheless, to me the taste of orgeat will always be Surinamese and I was therefore beyond excitement to find out that the web shop Lovelies, a sweet cookie and candy company, run by three sisters with Surinamese roots, had added this new recipe to their range of other guilty pleasures. A few years ago I already blogged about their delicious and visually gorgeous fresh fruit popsicles and lavender shortbread.(read here). But with these macarons they topped everything, in my book. The macarons are made with almond flour and are just right: not too sweet, with a crispy bite and soft filling that melts in the mouth. I had to restrain myself from sticking to one macaron per day, they were just too good. The Lovelies sisters make a fresh batch once ordered so it is always fresh. They ship it to you beautifully wrapped and safe to keep each macaron intact.orgeat macarons

Currently they only offer orgeat macarons in the original colour white, but soon they’ll be adding marble macarons as well. I tried and tested the white and lilac marble macarons as their guinea pig. Aren’t they lovely? Visit the Lovelies web shop to order the (white) orgeat macarons and I know you will love them as much as I do!

marbled macarons

Plants on the workplace

Decorating with plants is one of the most prominent trends in home decorating at the moment. For the latest Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge, we were asked to show how we use plants in our work space. Since my home is too dark for plants, I only have two, one in my living room and one recently added on my desk. Plants are good to have in your workplace because they purify the air, giving you a healthy environment to work and nourish your creativity. I chose to use a vase instead of a pot for my plant so I wouldn’t accidentally touch it while working, but also to create an unusual decor. The matte gold vase also adds a bit of glamour to my desk.

(Also have a look at my other Urban Jungle Bloggers challenges here, here, and here)IMG_3137plants in the workspace IMG_3149 IMG_3151

Glam DIY Pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween is only two weeks away, and although it’s not a big holiday in the Netherlands, I have fond memories of my Halloween parties when I was still living in the USA. Usually I decorate my home with a handful of pumpkins too, but this year I’m just enjoying the ones on the internet, instagram and pinterest. I found a couple of glamourous DIY (do it yourself) pumpkins for those who want to stay away from the creepy carved ones.

pink halloween pumpkins

A pink spider web, and shiny and pastel coloured pumpkins make a glamourous still life. On her instagram Nat Spencer explains she dyed the pumpkins by using food colouring and vodka.


Totally on trend are the DIY copper striped pumpkins made by Homey oh My are so chic! I think they would look great spread out on the table as an alternative to the centerpiece.


I love the different DIY pumpkins from the blog the glitter guide. Glam up your pumpkins with sequins, lace or craft poms for a change.

Do you have another chic idea you would like to share? Let me know, and I’ll share it on my instagram!


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