Carpet Crush

I have a crush on the carpets designed by my favourite illustrator Megan Hess. In fact, I like everything she designs, her home, what she wears, and all her drawings. I’m a Megan Hess groupie. I follow her on all social media channels, I have her book Fashion House, and one day I will own one of her art pieces. The carpets are so beautiful and decadent, that superlatives are missing. I followed her sneak peeks of the designs on her instagram and facebook and when she finally showed them I was in ecstasy. Her luxury rugs collection consists of three pieces and is designed for Designer Rugs. The collection is called ‘The Vintage Jewels‘ and is inspired by old Hollywood glamour and icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren. “I imagined a bygone era where women wore elaborate jeweled turbans and sipped champagne”, she says.

My favourite of the three is “The Emperor’s Pearls’, a circular carpet a peach and cream colour scheme and, with a profile of a female who looks like Elizabeth Taylor, or is it Sophia Loren? It is made of hand tufted, semi-worsted New Zealand wool with bamboo highlights. All carpets can be customized in size and can be re-coloured.

Megan hess rug design10592693_527961730669308_3532124801143179372_n

Her second design rug is rectangular with grey and white short and is called ‘The Lost Vault”. “I wanted each piece to look and feel as if you were stepping on a bed of sparkling jewels,” Hess says on her facebook. The rug design features a woman wearing an elaborate jewelled dress covered in diamonds and precious stones. It has shimmering silver and white tones.10250135_459379934194155_5185411028804036352_nMegan hess rug 1

Her third piece is called ‘The Palazzo Jewels’, a circular design, sparkling in golden tones. The carpet is created for the entire space of your floor! 10254014_460222994109849_5104901075595728347_nmegan hess rug 2


Photos credits: Lisa Cohen

Illustration credits: Megan Hess

30s Magazine turns 3

Today is exactly 3 years ago I wrote my first blog post. I vividly remember it was about Rosebud salve. (I still use that by the way) Back then I was still blogging in Dutch. After a year I switched to English and that is the best decision I ever made. Because it is my blog’s anniversary, I bought myself a small charming bouquet. Flowers are life’s little luxuries, don’t you think? I’m on a no-carb diet so I can’t have any cake or champagne unfortunately. Instead, I’m taking the day off and I’m going to the beach to do absolutely nothing! Another simple luxury!

Thank you for following and reading 30s Magazine. Some of you are loyal and are diligently reading every post. And some of you pass by every now and then. Either way I’m grateful. Blogging continues to bring me joy, and I hope I can continue to write and photograph for years to come. Cheers!

P.S. Please share your favourite blog post of the past 3 years in a comment! I would love to know!

being a blogger

Trend: Nesting Tables

Nesting tables have been around forever but lately they are popping up more than usual. You see them in all styles and designs, from sophisticated glam to Scandanavian simple designs and there is even an Ikea design this season. The doubled or tripled up tables were traditionally used for small activities in the home like needlepoint or games of chess. They then evolved into pieces to offer reading nooks, or a place for displaying treasured collectibles, floral arrangements and books. Today, the nesting tables are more than just an occasional table or decorative table next to the sofa. They are increasingly used as coffee tables. They are after all much easier to move around, and they don’t take up so much space as a bulky coffee table. Are you going to incorporate this trend in your interior?

nesting trend

1. Aisha nesting table | 2. Zuiver marble and wood | 3. Zara Home | 4. Glass and chrome | 5. Zen Lifestyle

I love these four chic designs.

chic nesting tables

1. Layla Grace | 2.  Zara Home | 3. Vera Capiz | 4. Zara Home

nesting 9nesting-Coffee-Table nesting 10 nesting 12


credits photo: 1 2 3 4

Bliss in a Box: The Velves Sensebox

With that relaxing summer holiday still fresh on your mind, and a fair amount of back to work/school days  already ticked, we start to long for me-time again. Time to relax and pamper ourselves. Time to rejuvenate and soothe our senses. Time to get off that treadmill. Another holiday would be nice right now, but also a frivolous luxury, and a visit to the spa is just not the same as it was in that extravagant resort with a view on the sun-kissed waters and powdery white beach.

I discovered the best gift box you can give yourself, or your friend: The Velves Sensebox! The Sensebox is like a replenishing journey around the globe, soothing all your senses right from your own home. The gift box is filled with global finds that restore the balance in your stressfull life and make you slow down your pace. There are three different boxes to chose from, all filled with exclusive products curated by Velves’ owner Bernice Goudt. With only a few mouse-clicks you can have the box delivered to your home and pen in some me-time in your diary. Velves’ motto is: “Instead of wondering when your next trip is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”  [continue reading after photo]

Velves World explorer boxvelves box

I received the World Explorer Box packed with premium treats from different countries, including a world map to show where the gifts are from. The other boxes, Holiday Hide-out and Himalayan Delights are smaller and less expensive, so there’s something for every budget. The un-boxing is so much fun and already a treat to your senses. Each product has a story and is made by artisans with passion. Therefore everything is of high quality and a little luxury just for you.

What’s in the Sensebox?

A Woo Bottle Candle, the mini vodka – Vietnam

A scented, handmade candle with the best fragrance ever! Woo bottle candles are made of recycled bottles and beeswax by communities from different parts of the world. It gives a cozy light and the scent is really sensational. I’m officially a woo candle fan now!

Himalayan Mountain Salt – Pakistan

100% Pure pink mountain salt  from Pakistan that aids in detoxing the body. A little goes a long way in cooking with pink salt. But pink salt is especially good for a luxurious foot bath. A salt foot bath benefits the blood circulation and relaxes. Grind the salt and mix 2 teaspoons with jojoba/baby oil and a few drops of a fragrant essential oil , and you have a perfect foot scrub.

A Hammam Towel – Turkey

A soft hammam towel made by Turkish artisans to wrap around you, use as a towel, or lay as a comfort throw on your lap while reading a book.

Nablus Dead Sea Mud Soap – Palestine

A natural olive oil soap with mud from the Dead Sea made by a family business in the ancient city of Nablus in Palestine. Olive oil moisturizes and softens your skin while the 20% mud purifies and strengthens skin. Nablus Soap is suitable for daily use because it consists entirely of natural, botanical ingredients, including more than 80% virgin olive oil. Nablus Soap contains no preservatives and it is not tested on animals.

Scrub Wash Cloth - Turkey

A precious scrub wash cloth made of viscose. Scrubbing stimulates the blood circulation, exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. Combined with the Dead Sea Mud Soap you can make your skin glow and soft as a baby.

Marou Chocolate BarVietnam

Marou fair trade chocolate is really something else! After you had this chocolate you don’t want anything else. Marou is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, meaning they make their chocolate from raw materials that are cacao and sugar. They are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and so they are one of the very few chocolate makers working directly in the country of origin of the cacao, allowing them to work directly with cacao farmers. We all know that chocolate (scientifically proven) makes you feel good, so while soaking your feet in a salt bath, or while reading your book after the rejuvenating scrub and bathroom rituals, indulge in a piece (or two) of chocolate. In winter, melt it in milk over slow heat or in the microwave and you have a warming mug of hot chocolate.Velves World explorer senseboxIMG_8528To order your own Sensebox visit the Velves website here.

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Birger no. 1962 – Nomad Chic Home Decor

I was stunned when I learnt about and saw the new home decor brand by renowned Danish fashion designer Malene Birger. It is just wow! Birger launched her design brand last week at the Maison & Objet design fair in Paris. It is an extension of the style we are used of after seeing photos of her private homes and workspaces in her 2010 interior book ‘Life and Work‘. The new home decor brand, Birger no. 62, is a chic adaption of traditional crafts, art, and cultural influences Birger sourced in her many travels. She has a talent for adding timeless style to her designs while building bridges between different cultural art forms and crafts. She combines artisan craftmanship with modernism making the accessories and furniture pieces versatile and unique.

birger 62

The premier of her home decor line ties with the launch of her second interiors book ‘Move and Work‘ a 240 pages photo-filled publication by Teneues. Most of the photos in the book are taken by Malene herself.

birger 1962

The collection is continuously updated with the exclusive ‘handpicked’ items. These are unique, individually crafted or personally selected items by Birger on her trips around the world. A handpicked item can also be a co-orperation between Malene Birger and a curated designer or craftsman. All items will be uniquely numbered and signed.

Her designs are raw, yet chic and stylish with an eclectic mix of Arab and African influences. The Birger 1962 items are sold through her own e-shop and selected wholesalers around the world.

Birger collage



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