Rotterdam hot spot: Maak Rotterdam


Looking for a cozy spot to hang out during a cold winter day? Maak Rotterdam is a tiny store with the sweetest pastel colored interior. Comfy chesterfield couches and a coffee corner with fresh flowers invite you to sit down right away. The smell of a freshly baked cake wafts your way, but your attention quickly shifts to the middle of the store where all kinds of colorful goodies are laid out on a table.  This store sells about anything that makes owners Femke and Froukje happy. From  interior … [Read more...]

Megan Hess Table Top Collection

Megan Hess table top

If Santa Claus brings me anything this Christmas, I hope it'll be from the new Megan Hess table top collection. My heart literally skipped a beat when Megan Hess introduced the table top designs on her facebook page only three days ago. Today she announced her webshop exploded and most of it is currently sold out, but she is restocking in the coming days. Not surprising, because the illustrated plates, napkins, and table runner, are exquisite and super elegant. Megan Hess says on her … [Read more...]

Hot spot Rotterdam: KEET

Conceptstore KEET Rotterdam

After hearing so many positive stories about conceptstore KEET Rotterdam, I felt it was time to go and see for myself. And I have to agree with all the other bloggers who already tipped it, this is not a conceptstore you would want to miss when you go shopping in Rotterdam. What I love about KEET is that it has different styles of products but still has a clear concept. I noticed that in Rotterdam the conceptstores differentiate from those in Den Haag or Amsterdam. In general they are more raw, … [Read more...]

Beauty World at De Bijenkorf Amsterdam just raised the bar

Beauty World Bijenkorf

Yesterday I was at the grand opening of the long awaited new beauty department at luxury department store De Bijenkorf. The so-called 'Beauty World' is part of the ‘Premium Experience Strategy’ of the Bijenkorf, to focus on, and expand their high end brands, exclusivity, top service and unique shopping experience. Beauty World lives up to that promise with a wide range of exclusive beauty brands, fragrances and services making it the largest beauty department of the Benelux. What to expect? … [Read more...]

Pannacotta with warm honey-baked figs


It's figs season and I wish it was all year round. Figs are so healthy and have such a delicate flavour and structure. They are basically good at any time of day, for breakfast with porridge, in a lunch salad with prosciutto, for dinner with duck, and as dessert on a cheese platter. I was excited when I found a recipe on the blog Cook me Greek, where he used the figs in combination with a typical Italian dessert, pannacotta, but also gave it a Greek twist by using Greek yoghurt in the … [Read more...]


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