In the Picture: Brumley and Wells

It’s time for another ‘in the picture’ where I share one of my favourite people I follow on instagram. Two days ago I discovered and instantly fell in love with the photography of professional photographer Jacob a.k.a. Brumley and Wells. I can’t stop looking at his pictures, and going back to ones I have already seen, just to be wowed all over again. On his website he describes exactly what I love so much about his photos, which are two things; the lighting and the way he captures the souls of people in his images. He says: “Jacob has a passion for medium format film and loves using natural light to compose simple, elegant, and timeless photographs with an acute awareness of detail, color, and movement. He loves capturing the unique personalities and relationships… ” [continue reading after the jump]IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0421Jacob photographs weddings, editorial and engagement & portraits. But what really draws me in are his portraits and travel photos. He makes the most amazing portraits of people around the globe and captures culture, character and personality in just one image. The intimacy between him and the person behind the lens is so palpable. He also has a dozen or so photos of a production with a woman in his instagram feed that are stunning. They were shot for Pearl & Godiva and you can see the complete photo production here. The way he used natural light to enhance her chocolate brown skin tone, purity and beauty is amazing. The styling is outstanding. If I ever need a photographer, Jacob will be my first choice.Pearl and Godiva bridal photoshoot

Production, creative direction and styling: Pearl & Godiva – photographer: Brumley and Wells – Hair stylist Michelle O’Halloran – Make up: Kathryn O’Neill


Trend: Agate in home decor

I fell for the latest trend in home decor, agate, already in December when I was compiling gift guides and featured agate coasters and a cheese platter in a gift guide for discerning women (see here). Early February I finally caved in and bought my own set of coaster via Etsy. My love for natural stones and gems isn’t new though. I have been collecting jewelry with gem stones for years, and even wrote a guest blog post about my fascination for them for my fellow blogger Gudy on her blog Eclectic Trends.(read here) Agate is characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks. I strongly believe in the healing properties of natural stones. However I didn’t pick my turquoise agate because it is believed to bring about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance to one’s life. Turquoise is just my favourite colour. The coasters have a gold rim applied which makes them extra chic. I think they rock!
Agate coasters - 30s Magazine agate coasters 2 - 30s magazine

Besides coasters and platters, the agate trend is integrated in many more home decor items. I discovered many chandeliers, drawer knobs, coffee tables, bookends en planters with agate. The gems are great accessories to glam up a room and add a pop of colour to a space. If you visit my agate pinterest board you’ll see that the agate trend is also taking over walls with wall paper designs, kitchen counters and table tops. Would you like to get your own agate accessory? On Etsy there is a wide variety of agate products available. In the USA it is already a huge trend, and I hope it’ll touch ground in Europe soon too.

agaat 3 Agate chandeliers agate drawer knobs agate in interior designagate bookends


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Weekend tip: Dining with the Tsars exhibition

Yesterday I visited the exhibition Dining with the Tsars in the Hermitage in Amsterdam. The exhibitions is only open for a few more days, until March 1, 2015. I’m glad I went because it was stunning! You are welcomed as being a guest in the Winter Palace and to experience the grandeur of the Russian Court as it once was. Extravagantly bedecked tables, wine fountains and sulptures of exotic fruit were distinctive of a dinner at the Russian Court. You also learn more about the different Tsars and Tsarinas and their bespoke etiquette and dinner party styles.Dining with the Tsars - 30s MagazineIMG_0262IMG_0249


In the grand hall you get to feast your eyes on gorgeously laid tables, decorated with majestic services such as Meissen, Wedgewood, and Sèvres. There are almost one thousand service items to admire. It is the largest exhibition of porcelain dinnerware and creamware ever held in the Netherlands. You also learn more about the diplomatic aspects of porcelain and the secrets behind the beauty: From wedding services, services that were a (political) gift, to the one made for Stalin.IMG_0267IMG_0233IMG_0276IMG_0242IMG_0245

Besides the stunning tabletop you also learn more about the etiquette. Catherine the Great defined 10 rules for her guests that set her apart from other Tsars. During Catherine’s reign, lavish parties became a fixture of imperial court life. Seats were assigned and it was common that the male guests had to entertain the women sitting on their right hand sight. Subjects of conversation were politics, literature and arts, and current affairs. IMG_0204The menu cards were usually real works of art. The Tsars would ask painters and illustrators to design one especially for the occassion. They frequently featured symbols of the Romanov dynasty. The dishes read like poetry.IMG_0206


wedding service of Alexandra and Nicolas II, a gift by Wilhelm II

Elizabeth also threw extravagant balls and dinners. Sometimes the tables were adorned with pyramids of sweets and fruit. Her tablesettings were inspired by the elegant banquets in Versailles.IMG_0213IMG_0218Also on display are many bridal gifts like the one Wilhelm II gifted to Aleksand II, or the service made for Alexander the Great with his intial on each item. After dinner, the ball would start. The exhibition explains some of the etiquette during the ball as well, like fan flirtation.IMG_0270IMG_0265IMG_0266

The exhibition is really beautiful, so do go see it while you still can!



Hanging Plants in Flora Pockets

I’m so excited about this month’s urban jungle bloggers challenge. For those who recently tuned in, the urban jungle bloggers challenge is a monthly assignment to promote and show how house plants can be used and styled in your interior. Tens of bloggers from around the globe participate in the monthly challenge and you can see all of the bloggers who participate here. This month we were asked to show our hanging plants.

hanging plants - 30s Magazine

My house plants usually have a life expectancy of 3-4 months, due to lack of light. So I’ve decided to stop buying new plants in winter, and instead grow herbs as you can cut them and use them before they die. In summer I grow herbs on my balcony but as it is too cold in winter, and because I love to cook with fresh herbs, I think I’ve found the sweet spot this way. So tadaa, there they hang in one of the best inventions of last year: Flora pockets.hanging plants - 30s magazinehanging plants - 30s magazine

The Flora pockets are super handy and fun. They are made of waterproof textile. I liked them as soon as I laid eyes on them as they are decorative as well as functional, and match my interior style better than the currently trending macrame hangers. growing herbs at home - 30s magazinegrowing herbs - 30s Magazine

What I love about the Flora pockets is their versatility. Once I have used up all my herbs, or as an in between before I go and buy new herbs, I can use the pockets as hanging vases for flowers. In theory you can add water in the pockets because it won’t leak, but I use a plastic cup and slip it into the pocket so it’s not visible. In my storage shed, I use the pockets to store stuff, like my gardening accessories, seeds, and bulbs.  They are just perfect!IMG_4788IMG_4796The Flora pockets come in all flavours and are suitable for housing plants and flowers, appliances, bathroom accessories, as storage in the kids room,  kitchen…you name it. They are designed by Rot-M, and manufactured in Israel in collaboration with rehabilitation charities. To see more colours, patterns, and other pocket models to hang, and to see more ideas how to use these Flora versatile pockets, visit their website or follow them on instagram.


Pale, Pink, Perfection

I’m so looking forward to spring and summer. I’ve already started shopping for warmer days.  Since pale pink is thé colour of the upcoming seasons, I splurged on everything pink. I’ve never been a fan of baby pink, or neon pink, but I love the pale, blush pink hues that are currently in fashion. Combined with marble and brass in interior decorating it evokes glamour. In fashion, when combined with black and white it gives you that retro sixties sophistication. Pale pink is definitely a keeper coming spring and season! I’m excited to share with you my favourite pink things, for every season, and I’ll throw in a few things that scream perfection and took my desk life up a notch.pale pink - 30s Magazine

  • my pale pink clutch with my initials monogrammed in gold from The Daily edited
  • an iPhone case designed by one of my favourite illustrators Kerrie Hess via The Dairy
  • a marble and gold notebook by Studio Sarah via The Daily edited
  • the bullet, a sleek, golden ink-filled pen from Hay
  • Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume
  • macarons from De Pattisier
  • my pale pink iPad case from Apple
  • a Diptyque Baies scented candle via Skins
  • pink rosesIMG_4727

I recently discovered and fell in love with the designs and web shop The Daily Edited. Their slogan says it all: an online edit for your fashion loving lifestyle. They design 100% saffiano leather clutches, pouches, and card holders in a myriad of colours. If you like, you can have your leather item embossed with your initials in either gold or silver. The clutch has a silk lining, internal card pockets and hidden magnetic closure. The clutch arrives beautifully wrapped with a dust bag and a personalized note in calligraphy. I’m so happy with my clutch that I wish I had bought more colours, or an additional clutch with a zipper. My mini iPad fits in perfectly, so during the day I use it to carry around my iPad in my oversized bag, and during the evenings it turns into a classy clutch to hold my cards, make-up and phone. pink clutch - 30s magazineMy iPhone case is another great find I couldn’t be happier with. It is a design by fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess who has worked for brands such as Chanel, Vogue and Kate Spade New York. It’s fun, flirty and adorable! There are 13 different illustrations to choose from, and the cases are for different iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. See all 13 designs here.kerrie hess phone case - 30smagazineAnd then there is my bullet gold pen and maching marble notebook. The Studio Sarah A5 luxe notebook  has a smooth cover with gold foil writing, stylish gold rivets, and plain white pages with gold guilt edging. It’s almost too pretty to use.marble note book - 30s MagazineMy desk life always includes fresh flowers, a scented candle and a bottle of perfume to have in reach to spray before I run out for errands. And the macarons, well, I keep those in the fridge because once I keep them on my desk, I would have a hard time concentrating on other things. :-) I hope you like my little luxuries in pink. Will you pick up something in this trendy colour too?chanel mademoiselle - 30s magazine



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