Pale Cloud Girls’ fashion

I’m in love with the Pale Cloud girls’ fashion brand. Pale Cloud is a Scandinavian brand that describes itself as daily couture with a dreamy, minimalistic elegance. In other words, it’s high-fashion yet still casual and wearable. The fabrics are soft, made of chiffon or cotton, and have gorgeous prints. This summer collection is characterized by Japanese influences with sweet kimono like dresses, and prints like koi fish, but also has Greek influences in powdry blues and pinks and loosely hanging dresses. Pale Cloud is available at Petit Chic online boutique and ships worldwide.

pale cloud 1 pale cloud 2 pale cloud 3 pale cloud collage



Trend: The Basket Lamp

It is true that all trends return eventually. After the resurgence of the macrame plant hangers from the 70s, it’s now time to dig up your basket pendant lamp from the 80s. Although it has evolved somewhat – from the honey-brown wicker to a more natural look and hue – the effect is the same. Basket lamps give a space a Mediterranean, bohemian touch, even when combined with contemporary design. The woven patterns make the light more diffuse and warm in your space. Combined with a rustic wooden table and white interior you can create an on trend interior in a heartbeat. I also love them on a porch or balcony!

basket lamp San Giorgio Hotelbasket pendant lamps san giorgio hotel mykonos c2d49577959e1dd61ad526060fe85c14 d7e68ff5652975aef6cf680d984bf13f f41944e331834d32f359c746893098a0700_wicker-lamps-bodie-fou-1

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Book review: Persiana, recipes from the Middle East and beyond

Lately I have been cooking merely Middle Eastern recipes thanks to the cook book Persiana, recipes from the Middle East and beyond by Sabrina Ghayour. The recipes in this book are so simple yet so tasteful! I even gave this book as a birthday present to my best friend and she also has the cooking bug now. We frequently text message each other recommending a page we have tried. The best thing about this cook book is that most recipes use the same spices so once you have tried one, you have all the basics to continue cooking from this book. One trip to your local Turkish/Arab mini-market will suffice to get everything you need to get started.Persiana

The book has 100 modern, colourful and easy recipes from predominantly the eastern and southern regions of the Mediterranean. The flavours of saffron, mint, dades, lemons, harissa spice up typical Mediterranean ingredients like eggplant, bulgur, lamb and artichoke. The book is divided into six parts: 1.mezzes and dishes to share, 2. bread and grains, 3. soups, stews and tajines, 4. meat and fish, 5. salads and veggies, and 6. desserts and sweet delicacies.IMG_5019

So far I have tried several tajines, with chicken and beef in a normal pan due to lack of a real tajine. I tried the famous Turkish yoghurt dip with mint, and chicken with pommegranate melasse and ras el hanout.The quinoa salad is really to die for. And the best thing about this book: it’s all extremely healthy, and uses fresh products.IMG_5018IMG_5016IMG_5015

Trend: Herringbone Floors

Wooden floors never go out of style, but the prevalent  colours and patterns do change every few years. I noticed that currently herringbone hard wooden floors are trending. In my opinion it adds sophistication to a space and when the light is right, a bit of playfulness too.

herringbne floor 1 herringbone floor 2 herringbone floor 3 herringbone floor 5

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Orchids and blossom at the Botanical Garden in Leiden

Spring has sprung, finally. A perfect opportunity to go to the Botanical Garden! You might remember last year’s blog post where I showed you the garden in early autumn. But I feel it is at its best in April when the orchids in the glass houses are blooming and the Japanese tree in the garden is blossoming. The Botanical Garden in Leiden is one of the oldest in the world. I can spend hours there, exploring the plants, bushes, herbs and flowers. Sometimes I take magazines with me and lie in the grass all day. But let’s not waste any more words and just take in the beauty….IMG_9203 IMG_9207 IMG_9216 IMG_9223 IMG_9227 IMG_9230 IMG_9232 IMG_9251 IMG_9253 IMG_9260 IMG_9263 IMG_9266 IMG_9272 IMG_9293



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